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January 2018 Wrap-Up

January 2018 Stats

Pages Read: 3,019

Books Read: 7

Average Star Rating: 4.14

The Books & The Thoughts

The 35604686Astonishing Color of After, by Emily X. R. Pan

This was an absolutely wonderful contemporary novel! The official publication date is in March, but I was fortunate enough to receive an ARC of the book, courtesy of TheNovl. I have a full review for it (click here), but I will say that it was so powerful and extremely unique. The writing style is beautiful and unlike any I’ve seen before. Our characters’ feelings and reactions were told through colors, and that was an unusual and intriguing part of the story as well. Overall, 4/5 stars!


A Million Worlds With You, by Claudia Gray

This was the third and final book in the Firebird trilogy, following a cast of dimension-tr28959328aveling characters. Unfortunately, I didn’t love this installment. The first book was a strong introduction and I really enjoyed the unique concept of dimensional–not time–travel. However, as the story progressed, the romance element of the story became overwhelming and that really lowered my interest. We also got a new plot line toward the ending of the second book. It was confusing and, in my opinion, unnecessary. This conclusion was satisfactory, but by no means extraordinary. I’m of the opinion that this could have been a standalone or, at most, a duology. As I’ve touched on, I will compliment the fact that we focused on a unique plot point and the writing style. Otherwise, this was a letdown for me. 3/5 stars.

A Torch Against the Night, by Sabaa Tahir

This 61vijfkfpdl-_sx324_bo1204203200_was the second installment in the Ember in the Ashes series, and lemme tell you, it was SO GOOD. Ember was interesting, but it wasn’t my favorite fantasy, and I wasn’t expecting much when I went into Torch last year (I eventually DNF’d it). Earlier in January, I decided to give it another try and I am so glad that I did! This book is an absolute whirlwind, filled with great characters and plot twists and action and so much general goodness, I could gush about it all day! The end left me on a bit of a cliffhanger, and I need Reaper ASAP. The writing style is beautiful, the Ancient Rome-inspired aspects are done so well, and it’s such a good high-fantasy series. 5/5 stars.

Because You Love to Hate Me, edited by Ameriie

I did a51hnhs2bg8hl-_sx327_bo1204203200_ spoiler-free review of this, here, if you’re interested in more detailed thoughts. A slight overview of my opinion is that I really enjoyed this anthology and absolutely dashed through it. I finished it in two or three sittings (and it’s a 300+ paged part-fantasy book!), which should give you an idea of how addictive it is! There was such a variety in the types of stories told–we had second person, a text-message story, fantasy and contemporary. If you’ve not picked up this author-BookTuber collaboration yet, you totally need to! Some of the stories were simply average, but I can safely say I discovered some new authors I need to read! 4/5 stars.

Our Dar51sthgtys4l-_sx328_bo1204203200_k Duet, by Victoria Schwab

This was the second and final installment in the Monsters of Verity duology, and it was such an action-packed sci-fi/dystopian read (are you proud? I’m reading sci-fi!). Our characters, August and Kate, are more morally-gray than ever before, and I loved it just as much as I did in This Savage Song! This futuristic world divided by monsters and humans is unique and engaging and I want to know more! I blew through this novel in 3 or 4 days, which is pretty fast for such a heavy sci-fi like this one! I totally recommend this dark duology to anyone who loves questionable characters, an unusual world, and a dark story line. 5/5 stars.

The Dazzling Heights51cyxergxnl-_sx329_bo1204203200_, by Katharine McGee

The second novel in the Thousandth Floor duology was a dramatic, futuristic, murder-y insta

llment and I AM TRASH FOR IT. This series is literal candy in book-form and I cannot stop reading. Personally, I describe this as Gossip Girl meets Pretty Little Liars with a whole lotta new technology. The writing style isn’t special and the characters’ storytelling can be a bit repetitive, but the story is so addicting and I totally recommend it to you guys if you’re looking for a series filled with a whole lot of drama and a touch of murder. 4/5 stars.

Warcross, by Marie Lu

I have a fu516zRVQj44L._SX332_BO1,204,203,200_ll spoiler-free review here if you want to know some more in-depth thoughts. Other than that, I’ll say that Warcross was a thrilling beginning to what I can tell will be an action-packed…duology? Series? I’ve got no idea. I only know that I need the next installment tomorrow. Please. The World of Warcross was one I won’t soon stop thinking about because it is so close to what we have now, in our world. The technology isn’t too far away. This story really makes you think. Please go read this!! 4-4.5/5 stars.


So those are the books I read this month! Let me know what you read, because I’d love to know!

My YouTube wrap-up is going up today as well, so if you prefer video form, you can view that version!


August 2017 Wrap-Up

August has come and gone…and as I’m writing this it is the first day of September, which means it’s Back To School for Hogwarts students! Good luck to all of you out there! 🙂 August was a great month for me, because I started school, made new friends, and just had an awesome time! Unfortunately, though, I’ve also been in a huge reading slump! This month, I read only 4 books, leaving me 3 books behind schedule for my end-of-year goal of 90 books. So, my friends, here is what I read this month, in addition to the star rating and a short summary.

Fast Facts:

Total Pages: 1,494

Books Read: 4

Average Star Rating: 4 stars

Summer Days and Summer Nights, edited by Stephanie Perkins

Summer Da91q8iuk2b3clys and Summer Nights is a short story collection by authors such as Cassandra Clare, Stephanie Perkins, Leigh Bardugo, and many more. Each story follows a different set of characters, a different summer, and a different place. Some are sweet, cute contemporaries, some have elements of magical realism, and some just hit you deep in the feels. Each story was unique, and I really enjoyed this anthology! I will be reading the winter version once the season rolls around, and I can’t wait for it! I gave this story 4/5 stars!




Wolf by Wolf, by Ryan Graudin 


Wolf by Wolf follows Yael, a girl who escaped from a death camp, as she goes on a motorcycle race. This story takes place in an alternate version of WWII, where Hitler won and is now the ruler of Germany. Each year, he hosts a motorcycle race across Japanese and German territory as a commemoration for their victory. Yael enters the race as Adele, the most recent winner of the race, and a female. Using her strange ability gathered in the camp, Yael skinshifts into Adele in order to win the race and kill Hitler. This story’s plot was so unique and done very well. I enjoyed the motorcycle race aspect, and each of our characters. In the story, you really got to see how fierce competition was, and how Europe was under Hitler’s rule. Overall, I really enjoyed this story and gave it a 4/5 stars!

A List of Cages, by Robin Roe

A List of Cages 5131wb1m00l-_sx329_bo1204203200_is a great story, following a boy named Adam as he takes on an assisting job to his school’s psychologist. His first real task is to hunt down a boy who has been avoiding classes. Who else could he be, other than Julian, the foster brother Adam once had, a long time ago. They’d gone their separate ways, and now they are reunited. At first, things are similar to old times–Julian still loves the things he did then. But Julian’s also keeping a secret from Adam, and it’s a dangerous one at that. This novel was very eye-opening, and very enjoyable. There were many good times, but there were also sad points in the novel that really hit me hard. This book was out of my comfort zone because I prefer happier books, but I’m so glad that I read it! It meant a lot to me, and I think it will mean a lot to you guys, too! I gave it 4/5 stars! I also have a review on this as well.

Once and for All, by Sarah Dessen


Once and for All follows Louna, the daughter of the famous wedding planner, Natalie Barrett. Louna has always been raised to believe that true love doesn’t exist, but she doesn’t let clients know that. After losing her first love in a traumatic event, she doesn’t trust the feeling anymore. Enter Ambrose, the enthusiastic serial-dater who, after meeting Louna, knows that he wants her. The only problem is, Louna’s not ready for anything resembling what she once had. Once and for All was probably my second favorite Dessen book ever, right behind Saint Anything. I absolutely loved our main character, and the way we found out about her past love. The story is told in both present and past tense, which usually I don’t like. However, in this case, it was very enjoyable for me. Also, the fact that Louna’s mom is a wedding planner was amazing! I’d never read a book that had that aspect, and seeing all of the weddings come together and actually happen in the story was something I found very entertaining! Overall, I gave this story 4/5 stars!


May 2017 Wrap-Up

Welcome to my first Wrap-Up on my page! This is for May 2017, aka the Month of New Releases. (I mean seriously?! ACOWAR, Always and Forever Lara Jean, Flame in the Mist…so many!) Below, there will be a short summary of my time reading the book, the book’s information, and a picture. These books are in order from read first to read last. Let’s go!

Fast Facts

Total Pages: 2,570

Number of Books Read: 6

Average Star Rating: 4.2

A Cacowar_usourt of Wings and Ruin, by Sarah J Maas 

Obviously I had to read ACOWAR, and I loved this conclusion! I really loved the growth in each of the characters, their banter, the fighting scenes, and the love affairs. There are some problems with this series, and I don’t ignore that, however the series is just so fun to read, the characters are just so fun to “be around” and they have so many aspects. I will say that some scenes in ACOWAR seemed added in with no previous planning, but overall the series is wonderful, the world is wonderful, the characters are wonderful, and I love it. Of course, I gave it 5/5 stars!

The Ups30653853ide of Unrequited, by Becky Albertalli 

I received this book in the April Owlcrate box and it seemed like just the perfect summery/springy read. A few aspects I loved? Definitely that our main character loved Pinterest and just making things and being generally creative and artistic, which is not a common interest in books. Another was that this book talked about things that teenagers talk about, and mentioned troubles that teenagers had. Our main character didn’t have the Stereotypical Book Body, she occasionally struggled with body image, but she was overall proud. Our love interest wasn’t perfect either–he was nerdy and awkward and overall similar to boys in real life (or at least as close as book boyfriends can get). There was lots of diversity in this book: our main character has lesbian parents (two moms) and a lesbian sister. Overall, this book was great and I gave it 4/5 stars. (I do have a review up for this book)

Flame23308087 in the Mist, by Renee Ahdieh

I won an ARC of this book in a giveaway and I’m so glad I did! This book was said to be a Mulan retelling, which is fairly accurate, despite the fact that it takes place in Japan. I really loved exploring the culture of Japan! It was so interesting to learn more about a country that isn’t talked about a lot in books, and I’m very appreciative of this story because of that. Moving on from the setting, I thought the characters were so intense and likable! Our main character is fierce and brave and determined and stubborn. Our love interest is a bit Bad Boy, but overall this book didn’t have very many tropes. Another thing I appreciated was that the romance wasn’t the main focus. The point was our MC being determined and brave. It isn’t usual for our relationship to sit in the backseat, but I really loved that it wasn’t the main point in this story. I’m really excited for the next book! I gave it 4/5 stars! (I have a review for this as well)

It’s Not Sum8104232mer Without You, by Jenny Han

This book is the second installment in the Summer trilogy by Jenny Han. This series, while fun, does deal with intense stuff! I won’t talk much about it, but I will say that the story takes place at a beach house when our MC, Belly, stays at the house with her mother, her mother’s best friend & children, and brother. The series follows the adventures of the group at the summer house–it is set mainly in the present but does float back to the past to give a full perspective. I just love this series because it deals with equal parts, friendship, family, tragedy, and love. I won’t spoil anything, but I do recommend the series! I gave this book 4/5 stars.

Passe20983362nger, by Alexandra Bracken

In Passenger, we follow our main character, Etta, who is on her way to becoming a professional violinist, but one day she is thrown into the world of time travel, but it isn’t as we suspected. There are much more strict rules, and the travel itself isn’t as loose as we interpret from other series/movies. I really enjoyed my time reading this first book, and I look forward to moving on with the series. We explore London in the 1940s, New York in 1776, and many other places. I loved the aspect of a scavenger hunt through time! I gave this book 4/5 stars and look forward to reading the next book!


Windfall32048554, by Jennifer E. Smith

This book was unique and I really enjoyed it! I thought the aspect of a lottery ticket really added to the story! The way that our love interest/supporting character spent the money, and the way he acted, was completely expected and understandable. I loved how his best friends acted around him in return. Winning the lottery is a dream come true for a lot of people, but the consequences of such a huge sum isn’t truly thought about in depth. I thought this book was an accurate interpretation of how someone who grew up poor would react to 141.3 million dollars. Overall, this book was very enjoyable. I loved the character growth and the fact that our character had a unique hobby of being a good Samaritan. This is my first Jennifer E Smith book, but I’ll likely pick up another one eventually. 4/5 stars.