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Hey guys! I’m so happy to be Spotlighting Alex & Eliza for the blog tour! I absolutely loved Alex & Eliza when I read it last year, and the sequel is out April 17! Below, you will find a cover, synopsis, and more to go along with this novel!


From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Witches of East End and The Descendants comes the love story of young Alexander Hamilton and Elizabeth Schuyler.
1777. Albany, New York.
As battle cries of the American Revolution echo in the distance, servants flutter about preparing for one of New York society’s biggest events: the Schuylers’ grand ball. Descended from two of the oldest and most distinguished bloodlines in New York, the Schuylers are proud to be one of their fledgling country’s founding families, and even prouder still of their three daughters–Angelica, with her razor-sharp wit; Peggy, with her dazzling looks; and Eliza, whose beauty and charm rival those of both her sisters, though she’d rather be aiding the colonists’ cause than dressing up for some silly ball.
Still, Eliza can barely contain her excitement when she hears of the arrival of one Alexander Hamilton, a mysterious, rakish young colonel and General George Washington’s right-hand man. Though Alex has arrived as the bearer of bad news for the Schuylers, he can’t believe his luck–as an orphan, and a bastard one at that–to be in such esteemed company. And when Alex and Eliza meet that fateful night, so begins an epic love story that forever change the course of American history.
In the pages of Alex and Eliza, #1 New York Times bestselling author Melissa de la Cruz brings to life the romance of young Alexander Hamilton and Elizabeth Schuyler.
Author Bio
Melissa de la Cruz is the #1 New York TimesUSA TodayWall Street JournalLos Angeles Times, and Publishers Weekly internationally bestselling author of many critically acclaimed books for readers of all ages, including Alex & Eliza: A Love Story, Disney’s Descendants novels, the Blue Bloods series, and the Summer on East End series. Her books have sold over eight million copies, and the Witches of East End series became an hour-long television drama on the Lifetime network. Visit her at melissa-delacruz.com.
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Love & War Review

Love and War, by Melissa de la Cruz

Release Date: April 17, 2018


1781. Albany, New York.

As the war for American independence rages on, Alexander Hamilton and Elizabeth Schuyler begin their new life as a married couple. Still, Alex is as determined as ever to prove his mettle and secure his legacy . . . even if that means leaving his beloved Eliza behind to join the front lines at the Battle of Yorktown. But when the war unexpectedly arrives on Eliza’s doorstep, she must fight for a better future–for their fledgling country and for her marriage.

Yet even after the Revolution comes to its historic close, Alex and Eliza’s happily-ever-after is threatened. Eliza struggles to build a home in the hustle and bustle of New York City just as Alex’s burgeoning law practice brings him up against his greatest rival–the ambitious young lawyer Aaron Burr. And with Alex’s star on the rise, Eliza can’t help but feel neglected by a husband who seems to have time for everyone but her. Torn apart by new trials and temptations, can Alex and Eliza’s epic love survive life in the big city?

Summary from Penguin Random House.

My Thoughts

Love & War was an absolutely brilliant installment to the Alex & Eliza books! To begin with, we rarely see couples after marriage, or even following getting together. In this novel, however, we see the struggle between Alex and Eliza as they must deal with all aspects of both adulthood and married life. I felt that both characters handled the difficult situations in a realistic manner, and I enjoyed seeing them not always get along, but act like a real married couple. I cannot personally testify to the accuracy of this, seeing as I don’t study this time period, but as far as I can tell, we got an equal amount of information and embellishment. For every “knowledge dump,” there were elements of the story that were fun and lighthearted, and I loved it. The family aspect of this story was also done well. Angelica, Peggy, and Eliza’s relationship was one that is likely envied by all sisters, even though they have their disagreements. In the beginning, it was one of the leading plot points. However, after getting into Part Two, Eliza’s family became more distant, though still influence decisions she made–once more, a completely realistic reaction to what she is going through. I had only two problems with this book, one being the repetitiveness. There were times when I felt certain stories or time periods were referenced more than once, and not every time was necessary. There also were parts that were filled with too much information. I understand, of course, that this is a historical fiction and must have some sort of tie-in to real events, and for the most part, I appreciated it. At times, the author recited a lot of information that probably could have been spread out over time. Overall, though, I really enjoyed this book. 4/5 stars!

Alex & Eliza Review

In Alex & Elizalex-eliza-cover-galleycata, we follow, as the title hints, Alexander Hamilton & Eliza Schuyler. We open up at Eliza’s family’s ball–where the dashing young Hamilton shows up. Alex doesn’t have a thing to his name–no parents, and no specific ties. That is, until he meets Eliza at the ball. Throughout the novel, we follow Eliza & Alex’s complicated but lovely romance.

That was a short summary, huh? There’s not much to say though! The novel is, from what I can tell, not completely all of the facts, but does have some embellishments. But this book is wonderful! I don’t study history as often as I’d like, but Melissa de la Cruz gave some background knowledge on the American Revolution while telling the love story, which I loved! It really helped the reader understand what was happening during the overall time period, instead of solely focusing on the love story. The chapter headings also included the location where the chapter was taking place, as well as the month and year of the events. I loved Eliza–I thought she was just so strong and stubborn, which I appreciated. Hamilton was just…no words! I swooned so much & smiled for the last 20 or so pages. While I know they didn’t have a perfect love story, this book made it out to be that way! Hamilton’s remarks were just….ah, everything about this book was wonderful! Honestly? Probably 4.5-5 stars!