Review Policies

Are you an author or publisher who would like to send me a copy of a finished book or ARC? Please feel free to contact me at 123sccshelby(at)gmail(dot)com with any requests. Right now, I am open to reviewing both e-books and physical copies of books, though e-books do tend to take longer for me to read and review.

I primarily read Young Adult with a mix of Middle Grade, and am open to fantasy, historical, contemporary, dystopian, and romance genres. When contacting me, please include the name, synopsis, cover art, and release date of the novel you are requesting my review for. This helps me make my decision on whether or not to accept your offer.

In my reviews, I include a short summary of the book, a picture of the cover, the title and author, and my opinion. My reviews include both what I did and didn’t like in an honest yet polite manner.

My review will be up depending on the book’s release date. If I recieve an ARC and decide to review it, I will have it up at least two weeks before the book is released to the public, and sooner if time allows. If the book is already released, my review will be up within six months.

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