Ana Rocha: Shadows of Justice Review

Ana Rocha: Shadows of Justice, by Ammar Habib & Glenda Mendoza


Ana Rocha is a woman on fire. Being talented and from a well-off family, Ana could have become anything. But driven by her sister’s murder, Ana chose the path of an undercover narcotics officer. Ana has made a vow to help clean up the streets of Houston. The journey her duty takes her on forces her to confront her worst nightmares and face the city’s most ruthless criminals. The further she goes down this path, the more the line between her two lives begins to blur. And soon, this journey brings her face-to-face with a monster from her past.

Summary from Goodreads.


My Thoughts

Ana Rocha was the first real crime novel I had ever read, and I can say I thoroughly enjoyed it. Ana was an amazing protagonist who I loved to “follow around.” Her character was written so well, and she had a distinct personality that remained constant throughout the novel. I also really loved Bryan, Ana’s partner. He, too, was written well and with depth. I had very few critiques about this novel. One of them was the repetitiveness of the fight scenes. At the beginning, one fight scene was written remarkably, but after reading on to another fight scene, the same paragraph was there. I would have appreciated different descriptors, but the fight scenes were clear to understand, which is something I usually struggle with. Another thing I would have loved to see was more character development for sidekicks. Ana’s family was two dimensional, and it would have been amazing to see more of their dynamic. Overall, though, this was an amazing story! Ana’s struggle with work versus family is represented very well, and I loved seeing religion and family act as constants throughout the novel, influencing decisions Ana did or didn’t make. 4/5 stars!


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