When Dimple Met Rishi Review

cover100428-mediumWhen Dimple Met Rishi, by Sandhya Menon

Brief Summary

Dimple has her heart set on going to Stanford and being a “coder”. She doesn’t want any distractions, and that includes boys, even though her mother insists that success comes with how well Dimple’s makeup is applied, and when she gets married.

Rishi is traditional. When his parents announce that he’s going to a web development summer camp with his future wife, he’s on board and ready to woo her. But Dimple proves to be stubborn, and is completely against the idea of an arranged marriage, which makes Rishi’s job a lot harder than expected.

But something’s there.

My Thoughts

I loved this book. Dimple was a determined, strong-willed young woman who knew what she wanted and did what she needed to to get there. Rishi was adorable and sweet and funny and he’s like…everything good ever. I loved our setting, a web development summer camp, because it’s so unusal and unique. Our characters also had very diverse hobbies, which I didn’t know I appreciated until I read about them: Dimple loved coding, and Rishi had a passion for comic book art. I also appreciated that our characters were of a different race and religion, because it really added to the uniqueness and quality of the story. In the novel, we explore their language, their home life, and some aspects of their religion, which was interesting to see. I wish we’d had more, though, because I found it quite fascinating. Overall, I’m completely in love with this story, and I believe I’ve heard tale of a sequel/companion? I’m alllll for it! 5/5 stars!


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