June 2017 Wrap-Up

June was such a fun month! School let out, big vacations were had, and great books were read! As usual, the book I read first will be at the top, and the last read is at the bottom! (I will have a YouTube Wrap-Up coming soon as well, in case you’d also like to hear me talk about it)

Fast Facts:

Total Pages: 2,194

Books Read: 6

Average Star Rating: 4.2

Alex andalex-eliza-cover-galleycat Eliza, by Melissa de la Cruz

Alex and Eliza follows the love story between Alexander Hamilton and Elizabeth Schuyler. Taking place in the midst of the American Revolution, they’re romance faces some challenges. I thought this book was great! Hamilton is a huge part of society right now, what with the plays and such, but my first glimpse into his life was this book, and I decided to read it to see if I’d be interested in his life, and I have to say this book wasn’t a disappointment! The charactes were wonderfully written, and the facts weren’t on overload, which I like in a historical fiction novel. I’m not sure how accurate this book is, but it was very enjoyable and I will likely read it again! I gave this 5/5 stars! I do have a review for this as well!

A Darker Sh22055262ade of Magic, by V.E. Schwab

This series is extremely popular, and I enjoyed This Savage Song by the same author, so I decided to pick up this fantasy novel. In this trilogy, we follow a man named Kell who can travel between the four different Londons–Red London, with lots of magic, Black London, which was destroyed after magic took over, White London, where magic and humans are fighting for control over the other, and Gray London, which is much like our London, where magic doesn’t exist. While Kell’s official job is exchanging official business, he also illegally smuggles things between the worlds to sell. One day, he is forced into something he never expected. This book was super enjoyable! I loved our main characters (Lila and Kell) and thought they had such a good relationship. If you’ve read Six of Crows I think you’d enjoy this! It has the same idea that our characters aren’t really the best people, but you can’t help but love them. The world building and magic system felt so natural, and overall I juse loved this book! 4/5 stars!


Literally, by Lucy Keating

Literally follows a girl named Annabelle whose life is pretty great: She has a loving family, a nice house, great best friends. But one day, she finds out she’s the main character in a YA novel, and her whole life goes crazy. A new boy, Will, seems practically made for her, but her brother’s best friend, Elliot, unexpectedly goes from a supporting role to the love interest. Annabelle is lost–how much of her life is actually hers? I really stuggled with this book. I thought it was lots of fun, but I thought the novel-inside-a-novel aspect wasn’t done well. The two books that I’ve read like this (Literally and Between the Lines) were both let-downs for me because I was expecting the “character coming to life” aspect would be more realistic, but it wasn’t. Sadly, I gave this book a 3/5 stars. I do have a more in-depth review of this as well.

Melody’s 30807954Key, by Dallas Coryell

Tegan lives with her family, and helps run their stuggling business in England. One day, the famous American rockstar Mason Keane comes to reside at the family’s home, to get away from the popularity for a while. Of course, Tegan is completely against the idea of him, convinced that  he’s just another superstar, a player and only in it for the money. But she’s surprised when he seems to be much more than she expected. I was sent this book for review back in 2016, and I have to say it took me a longer time than it should have to read it. But this book was very good! The pacing was a bit slow in the beginning, but when I decided to pick it up this year I flew through the remaining 200 pages in the novel, and loved every moment. The romance was well-developed, and the family aspect in the book was so pleasing! Overall, I loved it, I recommend it, and I do have a more detailed review on this book as well. 5/5 stars!

Ten Thous51iectrxgml-_sx336_bo1204203200_and Skies Above You, by Claudia Gray

Being the second book in a series, I won’t go into depth about what this book is about, but I will say we deal with traveling through dimensions. There’s a love triangle, there’s alternate versions of the same self, there’s science and a strong family aspect, and I don’t know what else to say to convince you to read it! This trilogy (officially called the Firebird Trilogy) is so wonderful! Our characters are so well-developed, they have a great relationship with one another, and the unique idea of traveling through dimensions (rather than the stereotypical time-travel) really did it for me. I really enjoy reading these books! At times, they’re slow, but for the most part they’re easy to just fly through! 4/5 stars for the second installment! (Also, isn’t the cover just beautiful?! Wait until you read the books, and they’ll really make sense as well!)


 Something in Between, by Melissa de la Cruz

Jasmine has always been pushed to do her best. As a Filipino immigrant, she has to work hard to get what she deserves, so her parents have always supported her and encouraged her to do her best. When she gets an important and life-changing award, she learns she cannot accept it because her family is in America illegally. This knowledge tears Jasmine apart, because what she’s worked for can’t be given to her, because of her status. So she rebels, gets a taste of what a normal American teenager’s life is like. She falls in love with Royce Blakely, the son of a Republican congressman. But there’s still the looming threat of deportation. This book, for me, was a real eye-opener. I’ve never had to worry about something like this, but reading the book made me realize how fortunate I am. I only wish that we could have seen the religious side of Jasmine’s life, because it was mentioned only once that she went to church. The romance was a little insta-lovey, but overall it was cute and a very informative and entertaining read. 4/5 stars!


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