Windfall Review

Windfall, by32048554 Jennifer E. Smith

In Windfall, we follow a girl named Alice who whas been orphaned for 9 years and living with her uncle and his wife, and their child, Leo. Ever since making the move from California to Chicago, Alice has been best friends with Leo & Teddy. However, for around 3 years, she has been in love with Teddy, and it isn’t in the best-friend type way. On his 18th birthday, she buys him a lottery ticket as a type of gag-gift. But it turns into him winning more than 140 million dollars. This win is huge for him and his mother, who were abandoned by Teddy’s father after he lost all of their money gambling, but it does have some consequences, and it seems to take its toll on Alice and Teddy’s friendship.

This book was a great contemporary! I got so many feels during this book, and it was just…ah! I thought our main character, Alice, was extremely well-developed and I loved that she had a different, more “diverse,” if you will, hobby. She really enjoyed helping people and volunteering, which isn’t seen much. I also liked our other two main characters, Teddy and Leo, simply because the three of them acted like normal friends–their banter was easy, but they got in arguments as well. Finally, I thought the idea for the story was absolutely amazing and creative! I don’t think I’ve ever read a book following (or semi-following) someone who has won the lottery, and I didn’t know I wanted to read about it until this book. I’m so glad I read it! 4/5 stars!


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